We proudly present our new CS:GO Team!
17. July 2017
Come and visit our new Public Teamspeak-Server!
4. August 2017

New Lawyer for the next big step

Day after day more wheels get put into motion: It will not be long until the new project is ready to roll!

Today we are happy to announce our cooperation with Marian Härtel (http://www.rahaertel.com). He is a German lawyer with 20 years’ experience in the gaming industry and 10 years of legal consulting.

Marian Härtel will support Team Prismatic on its way of professionalization and becoming a top eSports organization in Germany and Europe.

Having solid and legal structures is the first and most important thing for every professional gaming organization to have. This includes:

  • legally checked and fair player contracts
  • mutually beneficial supporter and sponsor contracts

Our founder Dominik Lupfer is delighted to welcome Marian Härtel:

“We have reached a point where it is safe to say that the growth of our organization can no longer be managed single-handedly. Looking back on what happened during our 1.5 years of existence i am more than happy that Marian Härtel will support our ever growing project. Having an external consultant gives me a safe feeling. We are now able to build up all structures it takes to attend the next big goal, and that is becoming  a top eSports organization! Marian Härtel is more than just a partner, he is also a good friend who i trust and feel like Team Prismatic is in good hands.”

Härtel points out the importance of legal consulting for eSport organizations:

„The need of getting help from legal experts is still scarce in the eSports industry and mostly limited to Tier 1 eSports organizations and professional broadcasting and tournament members of the industry. More and more teams are realizing though, that professional habits and structures are the basis for successful growth as well as for attracting sponsors and players.“

So welcome Marian Härtel! We are happy to work with him #BlueWave #StayTuned