A new era of athletes deserves a new level of equipment. Get the performance competition demands with professional-grade accessories, innovative new form factors, and cutting-edge hardware that understands your climb to the top relies on power that won’t hold you back.


DX Racer

DX Racer is one of the worlds biggest and famous gaming seats manufacturer. He will provide comfortable chairs for our players and streamers. They come along with their slogan: "Sit Better. Work Harder. Game longer."


NACON Gaming

NACON is a young and innovative brand, creating PC gaming accessories since 2014. One motto: offering players the tools to change them into gamers. Headsets, mice, keyboards… Nacon has got all you need to use all your gaming skills.


expert TechnoMarkt

expert TechnoMarkt is our partner of choice for every case reagarding technology. Being one of the leading chains for electronic stores in germany, Expert TechnoMarkt supports you with a personal advice, to help you finding, what suits your needs the best. You can find them in one of their stores in bavaria or simply by visting their websites. We trust them and recommend you, to contact Expert TechnoMarkt whenever you want to upgrade your home, gaming gear or PC.


m4k Rampage

m4k Rampage provides you the unofficial drink of esport. With its unbeliveable taste, it gives our player a perfect drink for in-between and while professional matches.


XCORE Server

XCORE Server is your premium server hosting partner. Regardless of wether you need a voice server, gaming server or dedicated server, XCORE Server have everything you need to run a server infrastructure.